Social Media: Essential to Your Company’s Success

Almost everyone uses social media. If your perspective is that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger are only a space for personal information or political commentary, you need to re-examine the field. Venture capitalist Granger Whitelaw is aware of the trend of using social networking for business, and his firm, Social Media 123-4, assists companies with just that. While websites can help tremendously in marketing your businesses, it isn’t enough to host a website, hoping potential customers will find it and gain interest in your products and services. It also is not enough to develop strategies to attract Internet traffic to your site.  Instead, direct interaction with the online community is integral to success.


An eMarketer report from January 2011 stated that social media use grows 10% each month, and these users expect businesses to maintain an online dialogue with them in the same way their friends do. Granger Whitelaw’s Social Media 123-4 can help your company set up and use social networking outlets to engage consumers, encouraging potential customers to post opinions and ask questions. These people will in turn become influencers, both informing you of what is important to them so that you can design your marketing strategy to suit, and communicating with others about your business. This relationship-building approach empowers customers and encourages them to stay up-to-date with the products and services you provide.


Social Media 123-4 can work as your full-time staff in this regard, writing the content that consumers want to see and increasing your online presence. Your business can expand because of the personal associations made through a network of blogs and social sites. Social Media 123-4 has a creative group of professionals, including graphic designers, writers, audio-video experts, and technical staff, ready to creatively and strategically promote your business online.


If you want to be a smart marketer, let Social Media 123-4 help you with a plan today.


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