A Brief History of the Rocket Racing League by Granger Whitelaw

The Rocket Racing League (RRL) is a new competitive racing league where aircraft pilots compete in a closed-circuit racetrack in the sky. Since its founding in 2005, the Rocket Racing League has achieved favorable comparisons to NASCAR. Enthusiasts and supporters of the league anticipate that RRL will significantly renew a sense of wonder and inspiration in the act of flying. Racing competitions will be held across the country, featuring a variety of racing formats, such as drag and closed circuit. For drag races, two competing rockets will race against each other on a parallel track in the sky. Closed circuit races will be more complex, involving several elimination heats along a 5-mile course. Depending on the racing format, each event should last between 10 and 90 minutes. Pilots who will participate in RRL events typically have military fighter jet or aerobatic training. With a focus on achieving a high level of fan engagement, the Rocket Racing League will enable audience members to witness the races in real time as seen from the cockpit. Large screens at racing events will feature projections of the live action.

The Rocket Racing League is a private company with its main office located in Orlando, Florida. Organizations currently partnering with RRL include X PRIZE Foundation; Armadillo Aerospace, LLC; Maryland Advanced Development Laboratory; Velocity Aircraft; Elbit Systems Ltd.; and Orad Hi Tec Systems Ltd. Further information regarding the Rocket Racing League can be found online at www.rocketracingleague.com.

An accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, Granger Whitelaw is a co-founder and past Chief Executive Officer of the Rocket Racing League. He currently serves in the media and technology industries as an advisor to Social Media 123-4.

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