An Overview of Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf by Granger Whitelaw


In operation since 1944, Mill Neck Manor School focuses on providing high quality care and educational services for individuals who are deaf. The organization purchased an 86-acre property on Long Island, New York, in 1949, and by 1956 it achieved full accreditation by the state of New York. Today, Mill Neck Manor School upholds a long tradition of working to improve the quality of life for people who have communication needs due to deafness. As a result of its quality services, Mill Neck has achieved recognition as an international leader in providing employment, care, and education for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The organization’s comprehensive programs are designed specifically to help children discover their true potential.

In addition to maintaining the highest standards in education, Mill Neck Manor School utilizes the latest technologies to provide optimal support for children inside and outside the classroom. For children ages 3 and 4, Mill Neck Manor School operates the Early Childhood Center, which provides rigorous assistance in the treatment of language delays, speech disorders, and cognitive and motor deficits. After completing the program, the majority of children will go on to attend a regular preschool or kindergarten. Mill Neck Manor School also operates several programs for adults, including the Job Development Program. Further information regarding the services offered through the Mill Neck Family of Organizations can be found online at The organization can also be contacted directly by calling 1-800-264-0662.


About the Author: Granger Whitelaw is an accomplished business executive and entrepreneur. He actively supports Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf through charitable donations.


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