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Granger Whitelaw founded the Rocket Racing League along with partner, Peter Diamandis in 2005. See more information at and View all posts by Granger Whitelaw

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  • Indianapolis 500 Challenges Drivers and Inspires Automotive Excellence (Part 1) By Granger Whitelaw Cofounder, Rocket Racing League « Granger Whitelaw

    […] Granger Whitelaw cofounded the Rocket Racing League. The organization oversees the competition for Rocket Racing, a sport that employs high-technology, rocket-powered aircraft and track scenarios similar to those used in IndyCar racing. Before establishing the new race model, Granger Whitelaw owned Whitelaw Racing, Inc., an organization that represented and sponsored IndyCar teams, including two winners of the Indianapolis 500. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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  • Bernard

    I wasn’t very much particular on the topic and I am a fan of rocket racing league and this one that I quoted from above is new to me “Granger Whitelaw owned Whitelaw Racing, Inc., an organization that represented and sponsored IndyCar teams, including two winners of the Indianapolis 500”. I only know that today that I just read this article. He is really have a great employment history and experience.

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