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Granger Whitelaw founded the Rocket Racing League along with partner, Peter Diamandis in 2005. See more information at and View all posts by Granger Whitelaw

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  • A Great Article on the Birth and Vision of the Rocket Racing League. « Granger Whitelaw

    […] with rocketry. X-Prize founder Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, who serves as co-founder and chairman, and Granger B. Whitelaw, a two-time Indianapolis 500 champion team partner who serves as co-founder, president and CEO, […]

  • Ron Peterson

    This is a pretty sweet idea, I love to videos on youtube!

  • Scott Emrich

    I take part in a Quora profile, but I haven’t used it very much, FB is the easiest in favor of me to make use of, and all my contacts are on near.

  • Levy Neon

    I think Quora works good but it still lacks many features compared to Facebook. Though facebook is famous if you talk about privacy maybe Quora will have more advantage due to the people that is using the site.

  • Steve Media

    I’ve been using and cool so far. Great profile and wanted to see it. I like using social media sites and I like sharing videos there that I like and I find amusing and amazing.

  • Glenn Neil

    To the first comment, I love watching videos too especially on youtube since many videos are there and I watched funny videos like parody videos. I enjoyed watching there.

  • Alex Jones

    I think you have other blog that has a title like this, exact the same title as this. But anyway, I would like to take a part of this one. Even though you have many jobs and other things or other works that you do everyday, you still have time on blogs and even social media sites, you are good and great in managing your time properly

  • Jeff Polt

    Great profile, great blog and great stuff. You are the founder of Rocket Racing League and I like it. I like racing especially when it is combined with exhibition like Rocket Racing League do. I tried to search some video on youtube but I’m having hard time finding but anyway, I just want to say that I am a fan of it and I love racing and all the stuff that involves racing and also exhibition, exhibition that are really breathe taking like racing on the sky with planes that are very fast.

  • Veld Mario

    I see you on some site and on events like Rocket Racing League also. You really work everyday and I guess even on Saturdays and Sundays also since you also wrote some blogs and also go to some special occasions since you have many friends and colleagues. I wonder how are you handling most of your jobs since all are very hard and many of it takes much time. I am an inspiring businessman and I always want to explore things but right now I am not much into risking even though they told me that in business, risking is necessary.

  • Daniel Gale

    Great profile but I can’t fully view it and maybe it’s because that I have not registered to the social media site. Is that the one you are promoting? or it’s just a normal social media site? Anyway, I am a fan of Rocket Racing League and it’s good to read some of your blogs and article about racing and also Rocket Racing League. I am looking forward also on what will you do next and what kind of programs will your promote or maybe events or car events or maybe racing events. Thanks your sharing your blogs to us and also sharing your thought about yourself, your life and also racing. It’s quite fun reading to all of it. More power to you and also to Rocket Racing League.

  • Jam Moist

    They say education is the key to success and I agree to it since it already proves many lives that have been change because of education and a person that is motivated to study. Anyway, I follow some of your articles and blogs and I read some if it and I am asking myself now what are your next plans? Since you have dome many things already, including the Rocket Racing League. Rocket Racing League is one of the ideas that I find unique in a way of cool exhibition ideas and also the most expensive exhibition or races that I knew so far.

  • Mike Donley

    Cool stuff and nice profile, I watched the profile and it looks good. I believe social media site is a good source of entertainment nowadays and I myself also is using it almost everyday since it makes me feel happy, I feel happy communicating my friends in such a way that is fun and also playing games with my friends though we are far from each other. I also enjoyed using it because I met some friends that came from other countries and I encourage everyone to use social media sites for entertainment for those who have not tried it yet. Thanks for sharing your blog and I enjoyed reading it.

  • Nelson

    Quora is a social media site and you have a profile on it. I am not expert in social media site but I think it’s good. I understand that you have many works and one of it is about social media sites and I just wonder what particular social media site are you working. I think it’s a nice thing to work with social media sites since many people involve in it so it is a better idea in making business.

  • Dominic Jar

    I am Dominic and I am a blogger and of course I have read some articles and blogs all over the internet. Thanks for letting me comment on your articles and blog I really appreciate it. So you are Granger Whitelaw and you founded a league and that is rocket racing league, I knew it because I have read some of your blogs and I think that is a big thing. I see you are also working on some things.

  • Bogart McVille

    Wow this is some sort of something new to you and also this new to me. You are really a businessman and though it may be so hard to be a business you still have time in some aspects in your life and that is racing specifically. You are working on a business while racing well that is really not a simple job to do. I also have knew that you are one of the founder of rocket racing league and that is very interesting.

  • Reymond

    I want to take part of this also and I think this will be new to me and since I think this is a new social media I guess many of the people who commented in these article will experience new social media website. I like exploring things throughout the internet and I think of the internet as a playground and a playground that is not very safety though you can still have games with it and play around it but you have to do it always with an extra careful. I agree on the third to the last comment and I have so many questions on my mind like him and I think it will be fun if it will be questioned like he did.

  • Carl Glossy

    I like the social media site and I like how it is user friendly to the people. I might register an account later and maybe explore explore more to it and I believe that it is very fun nowadays to have accounts for a social media site because there are some benefits that you can get and example to it is games . I love playing games in my social media site te one that I registered myself once and I hope I can find it.

  • Jessa Flora

    It’s very fun surfing the internet and going to websites that has article and blogs that is new to you. I’m not saying this one is an interesting and good article, it’s just that it’s just unique. I mean the article has only a short title and there is no content below but still many have commented it. Well of course I think many of them really went to the quora website. I think I have to go there also and take a look.

  • Steve Martz

    You posted the same article the same title like this. But anyways, I want to try this Quora, because Mr. White law is one of the member here, maybe I will enjoy here being a member. I want to explore this site since I find Facebook now boring. I hope Quora will not disappoint my expectations. Though facebook is famous if you talk about privacy maybe Quora will have more advantage due to the people that is using the site. Am i right?

  • Jona Gomez

    Social Networking Site is “Abbreviated as SNS a social networking site is the phrase used to describe any Web site that enables users to create public profiles within that Web site and form relationships with other users of the same Web site who access their profile.”. I post to this article because I think the article is all about this. I hope you guys will be acknowledge to this one.

  • Jusil Somonoy

    I am a fan of music and I went to somewhere else and then it take to me here randomly. I wonder what is this article about and I’m sure it is not related to music so I don’t know what to say on this one but I hope you guys out there are also has love for music like mine. Music makes my mind relaxed and also it expresses what I can’t say. Music is really magic and you can’t explain how music gives us this enjoyment and also emotions hearing the songs.

  • Vandor

    It’s nice to chill sometimes on the internet and using some websites that are social media are social media websites as what they call it. I think later I will be having a good message communication with my friends using a social media website, well the famous or popular social media website that I think it is, is the facebook or the and I think all of you have heard of that I think. I don’t know if you are using it all of you but I think it will be good for you because it’s nice there.

  • Sugar

    It’s a cool profile I guess but it’s just that it’s very simple and kind of dry. Anyway I am here for an update of rocket racing league and I’m always visiting this website for me to know the current updates about rocket racing league. Thanks for letting us go through here and comment some things that we like.

  • Lucio Jam

    Ha ha ha this article is empty but I still read this one. Anyway maybe you want to tell about this Quora thing, does anyone here knows about what QUora is? I am curious on it and I think I want to see it. I came here randomly and I think I have to comment here because it takes me here ha ha ha ha .

  • Leah Joy

    I don’t have idea of the title at first but when I scrolled down into the comments are I read some comments there and I slightly understand now that title. I guess it’s all about a thing in social media or maybe it is a social media website. It is pretty hard to surf on the net now and register to some social media website because they say it is not safe and your privacy is very dangerous.

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