Alfonso de Orleans (Racing Engineering GP2)

Alfonso de Orleans (Racing Engineering GP2).


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34 responses to “Alfonso de Orleans (Racing Engineering GP2)

  • Heinz H Frentzen

    A friend of yours? What a cool guy, ha ha.

  • Ron Peterson

    Who’s the guy in the video, is he really royalty?

  • Anthony T. Loftis

    Way too cold in support of me here, I in no way felt no matter which like with the intention of.

  • Lester Johnson

    So I guess that man is your friend and his a racing engineer? That’s cool to have a friend like that, I wonder what lessons or advices will he give to you since he is an engineer on racing.

  • Gab Morning

    I wonder how Quora works, I have facebook and for me also it’s the easiest social media that I used now. Social nowadays are really a great place to share your thoughts and to communicate with your other friends in a more artful way.

  • Marie Hamming

    Racing Engineer is such a cool work I guess since it deals with races. I like racing and I like watching races. I guess you really have a good friend here in racing.

  • Jane Jamela

    That’s a good man I guess, to be a friend of you is really something and I hope you both share more friend relationship. I wonder what is that kind of Engineering.

  • Mark Harold

    I wonder what GP2 means and what Racing Engineers do. I wonder if they analyze on how to win a race or they analyze the tracks of the race if it’s safe for the racers.

  • Fred Kelson

    I want to know and I wonder how good is this man Alfonso de Orleans since he is your friend. I always have trust on engineer on any type of engineer because I know engineers are born to solve errors and that means errors our society and they always have a big responsibility, each of them.

  • Veil Hard

    Engineers are really cool and someday if given a chance I want to experience to be a racing engineer, racing engineer to formula one racing. Well, first I must really have good experience to achieve that. Formula one is one of the things that men are really lucky if they have a job under on that racing.

  • Melody

    I seach Alfonso de Orleans on google and I can’t really read the writings since it is written in other language so I guess he is not American and maybe he came from Europe, well Europe is a big continent and many countries on that continent are really good providers of good racers since in that continent the race of car was started. I think he is a great racer too though he works as a racing engineer and not really the one who drives the turning wheels but I know he is intelligent to car race like this one.

  • Justin Crust

    Racing Engineers are engineers that are very well trained in all about racing aspects in racing and so I want to have a friend like that also. If I have a friend like that I will ask so many questions about racing and also racing strategies. I will ask even in a smallest details and then we will share some ideas to each other. I want to have a car that is so fast and a fast that will surely make wind become slower than it moves. Anyway, thank you for your blog and many are really interested to it since many loves racing and all about racing is also their interest.

  • Demi Dazzle

    This entry of your blog is just so short in title but I realized something, I think that engineer is your friend and maybe one of your colleague. I am a blogger and I love reading and also writing. I am not very professional or very skillful in both but I like it both. Do you write everyday? or something, because you are used to it and you really write as if we are just in your front and listening to you and I mean some of your blogs with it.

  • Dave Grahams

    I always want to be an engineer and to be an engineer someday have always been my dream. I know to be an engineer is also to take care of the community and to manage also the problems of the society and that means a very big responsibility. I literally like the line “Trust me I’m an Engineer”, well for me I think its cool and yeah! it is really cool to be an Engineer and that’s why I really want to be one. Racing Engineering looks cool also since it is on racing and racing always updates and strategies are always involve and also modification to some of the cars and even engines if allowed. Anyway, thank you for your blog and I enjoyed reading your articles.

  • Van Wilson

    Racing Engineer Alfonso de Orleans is I think a good friend of yours and I bet he have participated many car race events already since I know he is a well known man. Racing Engineer is a very important person that any racing event must have since it must be well prepared and must be well strategized and be planned. I hope he will be participating also soon in Rocket Racing League and I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will get along more and more power to Alfonso de Orleans and also Rocket Racing League.

  • Film Marhan

    Racing engineer looks good and sounds nice and build with lots of respect and reputation. Someday I want to be an Engineer though it takes a lot of responsibility but I think it is a nice job and I believe that the Engineers are the most important people in our society because Engineers deal with problem so in a society that never runs out of problems, Engineers are really important. I want to ask how are you related to him and what does he do actually, what does a racing engineer actually do and I only imagine about racing to it.

  • jeefords

    Racing is relatively dangerous but adventurous sport, but with the help of engineers and his skills in driving, he made the sport very exciting. Although he is separating his way to raising he will leave an inspiration to those young racers to do well and pursue racing at their best. By that, their will be a new Alfonso de Orleans who will make records and bring honor in the future. He is very cool racer, race will be tough though he will not race anymore.

  • Dan Jim

    Racing Engineers are good and a racing engineer is a risky job also and involves so much pressure though all of the type of engineers involve so much pressure but anyway I bet he is a good friend of you because I know you are a racer too and I just wonder if you and him have work on the same team. I bet you will be a good combination working on the same team of racing. When I was a child I always want to ride and drive on an actual racing where many of my idols are driving.

  • Jimmy

    I never heard of Alfonso de Orleans before but I think he participates in a race because as what I have read he is a racing engineer. I want to see him on a race on what he will actually do. I believe that he is good since he is a racing engineer and he is a friend of you if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, race is such a big game and nobody wants to mess with it and nobody wants to miss any event. I am now waiting for the next event and I hope it will be good and I’m really excited to it.

  • Bomy Surviya

    I am curiosed on what does racing engineering means so I searched it on google and a wikipedia was suggested to me so this is what I’ve found and this is for people who are curious and also does not know what Racing Engineering means “Racing Engineering[1] is a Spanish racing team founded in 1999 by Alfonso de Orléans-Borbón. The team’s headquarters are located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, near Jerez, in a state-of-the-art factory, where all car preparation and race team organization is based.”.

  • James

    Lol! I don’t have idea what to say on the title of the article or blog but I want to pass my want on rocket racing league. I want to know when will be the date or schedule for the league and also is there a site that will entertain some questions about the league. I am currently waiting for it and hoping to see some respond to it maybe next week and that is if it is possible, of course I know there are many plans and preparations before it so I am not totally closing my mind for thinking that maybe it will take much longer time before the schedules will be posted.

  • Robert Wilson

    Alfonso de Orleans is I think a nice guy and I searched it on google and I thought at first that it was misspell and the grammar wrong but it turns out that I’m the one who is wrong. Anyway I know he is a friend of yours but there something a little bothering and I’m curious with, that’s i on how he will handle some things on rocket racing league. I want to take part of the company also but I think it its possible since it’s not necessary to take extra people.

  • Vanessa Loure

    I heard he is a good man and a man for racing. I don’t know much about him but someday I want to be a racing engineer. I am a girl though but I think girls nowadays on our modern world is capable of becoming and performing as engineer. I read some of your entries and it’s all about men and the love of men for racing but I think many women out there is like me and like me by liking also racing and sports races. I like racing and since I can’t be a racer I still want to take part of it so I think it might be good if I will become an engineer.

  • carlo

    Sometimes I spend my whole time just playing racing in video games..hahaha not just time but I also spent my whole allowance just to play with this. No doubt how I love to play racing. when i watch this video of yours, I realized that you and Alfonso de Orleans are not just great but also you are very very amazing! I hope I could meet you in person.

  • Lady Shadow

    This one is the one that goes out when I searched about race engineering.

    Extending the service still further from our design and manufacturing expertise, ASTAUTO can also assist at the track, offering the following services:
    – Track Engineering on a permanent basis or assistance of current Engineering Teams
    – Set Up recommendation
    – Parameter metrics definition to characterise the vehicle
    – Organization and definition of test programs
    – Development strategy definition based on track evaluations
    – Design and supervision of test benches/rigs needed to measure relevant parameters

  • Dominggo Gomez

    “Alfonso is the owner and president of Racing Engineering which he founded in 1999. As his father died when he was seven, Alfonso inherited the title of Duke of Galliera from his grandfather Infante Alvaro.[2] Despite being a descendant of Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, as a Roman Catholic he is not in the line of succession to the British throne”,
    this is who Alfonso de Orleans is if I’m not mistaken and please correct me if I’m wrong..

  • Jumor Colin

    Racing is really everywhere, many loves racing and count me as one to that. I never thought that there is a big racing called formula one racing when I was a child and even I already saw the cars I mean the toy cars that is formula one racing design or style, I didn’t know there was really a racing for cars like those. Anyway, it is my dream to race on racetrack and I want a racing that is exactly the formula one racing because the car is really good and really looks good. I want to experience on a fast ride and compete with others.

  • Rey Madison

    I bet he is a good friend of yours and also a great man. To be an engineer is really hard and it’s not easy to achieve a degree of engineering. I am still a student and I know that it is really hard to study engineering. Anyway, I will try to search about him maybe later. I wonder how he works and also what kind of jobs does he do. I think it is very hard but I want to know what is it. World is very hard if you don’t have proper education and that’s why we should study very well.

  • Sara Bandson

    I certainly would agree to the last comment and I think that is really true since engineering is not an easy course or an easy degree or an easy thing to study but anyway though it is not important but I still want to add that many people should take engineering so that the imporvements of technology will be faster than it is now because I think engineers are really great on doing that.

  • Jina

    I am not so familiar with Alfonso de Orleans but thank you for commenters who really put some meaning behind the name and my knowledge about it is been increased I guess. Anyway, I am hoping for a good feedback result for the progress of rocket racing league and many are waiting for it, for now I will just watch car racing contests.

  • Diana

    I don’t know what you want to say to us in exact “Racing Engineering[1] is a Spanish racing team founded in 1999 by Alfonso de Orléans-Borbón”, I think the guy is cool and to found such a great team is really something. It is nice seeing such great teams in the race sport and I like seeing the teams compete to each other on the race tracks.

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