A liitle Formula One history

Formula One racing in the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies was a time of technical innovation, commercialization, and also one of the most dangerous times to be a racing driver. Colin Chapman’s Lotus racing team was at a leader in all three of those categories. Colin Chapman, a brilliant engineer, and fierce competitor was always searching for the newest innovation that would give him an edge over his competition. Having lead the evolution from the front-engine layout that was the standard since the first race car was built, to the rear engine layout was revolutionary, and would change motor racing. The ultimate show of the power of his vision was taking a modified rear engine Lotus F1 car to Indy to compete on the massive oval against the purpose built front engine roadsters in 1963. Their performance at Indy with their rookie Formula One drivers was nothing short of amazing, especially consider neither team, nor driver had every turned a lap on an oval race track. Previous to the Indy 500 debut of Jim Clark and Graham Hill, Formula One was a little known curiosity to American fans of car racing. Lotus’ five year stint at Indy while running full Formula One schedules was unprecedented, even the mighty Ferrari Formula one team would never attempt this. It would be another several years before another formula one team attempted to run a car of their own design in the Indy 500.

Colin Chapman’s eagle eye for talent is legendary and almost without rival. His drivers have included world champions: Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton  Senna their first competitive rides in formula one. Colin Chapman introduced the first commercial sponsor into formula one, running the iconic Gold Leaf colors in 1969 with the only posthumous world champion, Austrian Jochen Rindt, an iconoclast, and as unique a character as Colin Chapman. This first commercial sponsorship of a formula one team was as revolutionary as moving the engine to the rear. No longer solely relying on prize money to fund the teams, commercialization led to larger more professionally organized teams. Even with the new money, Formula one was still a far less formal operation than it is today. Without television commitments dictating precise schedules, formula one races had start times that were often based off of factors such as, who was the most hungover, or a particularly competitive poker game.  


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37 responses to “A liitle Formula One history

  • Tom Black

    I am a fan of car racing and one if it is the formula one racing, who would not know formula one, the speed the looks of the car, I mean it’s really a man’s sport. I read the history that you have wrote and I assumed these are all reliable of course and there are some things that is new to me, thanks for sharing.

  • Ralph Jameson

    Such a quite interesting history of formula one. I enjoy reading the history and the name Colin Chapman is new to me, maybe because I’m not a racer and I only love watching formula one race but anyway great post.

  • Demy Rogers

    Is the formula one racing still the number one racing in the world? I heard lots of exciting scenes with this race and the cars really look so stunning.

  • Daniel John

    I have read some race histories of some type of races and all were great. This history also for formula one looks interesting and I enjoy reading this one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cindy Grace

    These world champions “Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna” are really the best and I would say have the skill and always the talent to go beyond the skills of other racers. Colin Chapman really harnishes and sharpens all of them to be a great and skillful racer of formula one.

  • Jessie Lopez

    Early nineteen nineties was the one I think I like the most since it is very more of thrill and excitement. Formula One history is very unique well each history of racing events are really unique but formula one is something that you can not forget easily since the things that happened on every decade is very memorable.

  • Dennis Greg

    Formula one deserves great name of the racing events all over the world and I totally agree that the television or because of telecast formula one racing is more emphasize to viewers, viewers can easily watch their favorite race even if they are on house, work or having a cup of coffee with friend or friends.

  • Great Denver

    Formula one racing is one of the best racing that I heard and know. The history itself is really already thrilling and as far as I know they are the fastest and I must say fastness is really what any racing events enjoyable. I mean when you are watching you are also imagining yourself on what if you are the one driving and what will happen if you are the one driving at the first lap.

  • Rald Mendoza

    To lead and to have this kind of thinking ability “front-engine layout that was the standard since the first race car was built, to the rear engine layout” was really a legend. That’s what they say, if you want to be more safe then you have to secure more the openings of your place. I like how many men in racing show not their skills on driving but skills on analyzing things, analyzing things that are far more reliable than a normal thinks.

  • Rob Gonzales

    Ha ha I literally laugh at this “who was the most hungover, or a particularly competitive poker game.”, that’s what happens when there is no television and that is the basis of the starting times of schedules. It’s really a great thing when technology of electronic devices and other technologies are samely growing equally because it will really put a good result in any combination you like. I like technology nowadays also because it is fastly growing and greatly been improved for the last years and all are really helpful in humanity.

  • Jerry James

    I am still confused where is Formula One Racing originated and since it mentions some of Europe. Formula One is a well known racing but i still don’t know where did it originated. I am really not a fan but I watched some videos to it and it is very interesting since all of the cars are so fast. I used to race also but not cars and not as fast as those cars, when you try to take a speed like that to a natural highway or even national highway, you will surely get an accident. I want to break my curiosity, I am curious that if someone will drive formula one car and then drive as fast as the race, can the policemen go after him? I mean it is so fast.

  • Bela Jones

    History of any things in our world is really interesting because each of it has unique stories and the places that the thing is originated like this one. I want to ask who formulates the design of the formula one cars since it is really very different to a typical car, maybe he accidentally imagined it or maybe he really planned it well, we don’t know and that’s what the fun of the history comes. People are always curious even though that curiosity kills a cat and we can’t stop our mind from thinking to something that we don’t know and we want to learn or to maybe explore.

  • David Porthan

    Nice history and cool article. It’s quite fun reading this one and though many terms and people are new to me, I still like it. Though I’m not so expert in formula one racing but I know that the drivers really take good preparations for each event. Formula one has the speed that I like and also the noise of the mufflers that will really go through the corners of the place of the event. I just wonder where does “Formula One” in Formula One Racing came from?

  • Victor

    Formula one racing is a very well known racing around the world and one of the fastest cars around the world on a race is on formula one racing. I wonder if you still participate on a formula one racing right now? Since I know you are very busy on your work and jobs and also in preparing the Rocket Racing League. It’s good that you have won on formula one racing and I wonder if you still participating on the event? To participate on formula one racing is not a small thing and in fact many wants to try it and experience the feeling of the racers.

  • Dash Ferish

    I’m glad I read this one and I enjoyed reading this article about formula one racing history. I love racing events or racing sports and they are fun to be watched. Thank you for sharing your article about this formula one racing history. There are many sports in the world and this one is one of my favorite. Exhibitions that are sports are great and I categorize this formula one racing as one of it, the speed of this kind of sport is remarkable and also the drivers or racers are really very well trained.

  • Mark Finley

    Cool history and I like the flow of history of formula one racing history. I have read some of history on some sports and I like it. My favorite sport is basketball and I like playing also the sport. The basketball player that is my idol is the legendary Michael Jordan and I don’t know if you can compare him to Colin Chapman but Michael Jordan is a very skillful man and a very talented basketball player. Thanks for sharing your article.

  • Sharon Lenvi

    I sure believe on this one “Colin Chapman, a brilliant engineer, and fierce competitor was always searching for the newest innovation that would give him an edge over his competition.”. I am a formula one racing fan boy and a kid since I was a child. I am also a fan of Colin Chapman and also his ideas and works that made some good and productive ideas in the world of formula one racing. I think in order to achieve and to have ideas like he has is really not that easy, I think he got that from his experiences in many racing events and types of races and not to mention that he is already an intelligent man.

  • Alex Hermison

    Cool history and I think I’m like reading it. I remember the 80’s races and formula one races and I think it is more great there since there are things that really needs to be planned without some things electronically. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas about history of formula one racing. I am a fan of formula one racing and all of them are great, each event are great and right now I want to wait the next event.

  • Dennis Glance

    Nice history and great writing to it, I really understand it well. I love racing and also music and that’s why when I drive I always play the stereo of my car ha ha lol. I experience racing only three times at that’s when I was 18 years old and after that we move to other place so I haven’t experience racing after it. I know some of the famous racers in the world and I think they are really great because they are very brave and maybe giving their heart to the car and that means being one to the car.

  • Sophia Bliss

    I read this whole article and yeah it looks great, it still guide me even though I am not much into formula one racing. I like how those legends play the race and I’m still puzzled on their strategies. I like how they risks on things and the risks are all worth it. Thanks for sharing your article and blog. I am hoping to get and pass by here soon and next time.

  • Michelle McJohn

    I am not much into sports and I am just an ordinary blogger and I passed by to this article. I like reading books and of course different blogs and articles too. Anyway I read some facts about racing and formula one racing is just new to me and I’m glad I have read this. I’ve been into many places also and yes! Racing is really can’t be on the last of the list of the favorite sports of the people. So that’s it, best regards here from michelle and have a great life.

  • Sharlene Johnson

    I read all of the lines and I think it is some of similar to the history of formula one that you posted but I like both though. Thanks for sharing your articles and blogs to us. Many in wordpress use their time to use internet and post some interesting things in wordpress or in websites and I think that is what makes internet interesting to other people. Because of us they enjoy reading some facts and also fun facts and ideas and even tips that might help them.

  • Julie Seral

    Wow! Many are a fan of formula one and some are experts I guess. I read all the above comments and many are really into it. Well, I love the cars of the formula one racing of course but I’m not really an expert and I’m not very knowledgeable to it. Maybe some time I will watch some videos in order to have some good informations about it and might be educational too at the same time. I love the cars because the style and the fashion of the cars are really unique and also the impact of their appearance and much more beautiful when running.

  • Judy Valiant

    “Without television commitments dictating precise schedules, formula one races had start times that were often based off of factors such as, who was the most hungover, or a particularly competitive poker game.”, poker game is a great game and many loves playing it because it is a gambling game. I am not a gambler but I have friends that are. Anyway I can’t blame them because gambling is really fun as what others say. Cards and stuff are great games and I think everyone has its own reason for playing.

  • jessie j.

    nice blog article, I find your article very interesting though I’m not a fond of this racing stuff. There are some written in your article that I cannot understood. Well maybe its because I’m not that familiar with those. But because of your article, you encourage me to read more about this Racing stuff, l hope I can read more on your racing articles soon.:)) I’m hoping for another racing stuff topic from you.

  • Danny Miguel

    So here’s a small definition what Formula one is, for those who don’t know what exactly it is. I think this will be good for children who are reading this article ”
    Formula One, also known as Formula 1 or F1 and referred to officially as the FIA Formula One World Championship,[2] is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The “formula”, designated in the name, refers to a set of rules with which all participants’ cars must comply”.

  • Josh

    Let me add a history also about formula one and I searched this on internet. “The history of Formula One has its roots in the European Grand Prix motor racing (q.v. for pre-1947 history) of the 1920s and 1930s. However, the foundation of Formula One began in 1946 with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA’s) standardisation of rules. A World Drivers’ Championship followed in 1950.”.

  • Jake

    Formula one racing is such a good race sport and I like race sport and I think any sports that involves racing are my favorites. Once a child is introduced to racing it will never be forgotten by the child and I think I am kind of a like that child but not really hard to it. I think that racing is a sport that is really involve in such bravery and masculinity so I say racing is really for men and I think many would agree to me on that and obviously there are no race car competitions that girls are involve as far as I know.

  • michael

    I like reading history and also to racing history. I like he history of formula one racing because the development and the progress of the formula one racing is good and fast. I want to really drive just once in an actual race track or maybe have just one of it ha ha ha lol I know that is impossible but it’s really great to have just one and to drive even just once.

  • Jandel

    This is what I like about the above content of the article “This first commercial sponsorship of a formula one team was as revolutionary as moving the engine to the rear. “, I think it was really a break through and did really done a great impact to the sport. Anyway everyone knows formula on racing already but not all of it knows well , including its history and I would like to thank for posting your thoughts about it.

  • Hillary

    I read all the content of this article and all I can say is formula one has experience lots of twists too in the game and as I remembered and what I have read their some modifications that has happened through ages and I think in my opinion that has really made a great development for the racing of formula one racing.

  • Kyle

    Formula One is such a nice kind of race. I like watching some entertaining videos of it in the internet and through the compilation of youtube on formula one racing. I believe that the formula one racing is the most beatiful race in the world. I said beautiful because the cars of formula one racing compared to other racing is they are a little bit different in terms of style in cars.

  • Dalene

    Every Racing in the world is always filled with fun and excitement and that’s what I like about racing. Anyway I have been around outside the town lately and I have been into province and that is a rural part of my place where they race also their but just bicycle racing. I like looking and watching the game and by watching it I think I want to join them ha ha ha, it is really fun indeed and will bring entertainment really good.

  • Glaiza

    I don’t know but I think this is a fun sport and everyone knows here that it is really fun. I am always hoping to see an actual car that is used on the race track of this formula one racing sport. I live in Asia so please understand me with that. I really want to save money and hopefully I can see an actual race for this kind of sport and I will bring a friend to accompany with this of course.

  • Paula

    Formula One Racing is indeed one of the best races and in fact in my opinion it is the best races among the best races around the world. I like how brilliant Colin Chapman is and he is really genius and I want to have his skills and talents in racing and really good in planning in making tactics. It’s hard to be a racer but it is harder to be a planner because the big part of winning is in your hands and a simple mistake might cause a big trouble in your team.

  • Noel Peterson

    This is indeed very helpful and useful to them “No longer solely relying on prize money to fund the teams, commercialization led to larger more professionally organized teams.”. It’s nice seeing formula one racing improve so much as the years go by. The technologies and the movements and all the other things are keep on updating and that is why they are always updated to many things.

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