Very interesting innovation, skype is too low quality for many professional meetings.
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  • Louise

    I hope it will be a good conferencing tool, the conferencing tool is really in need nowadays and many are really using it since we are now in a virtual world. I would like to subscribe with this and hopefully get some updates towards this one so that I will know if it’s already out in the market and if it is already been commercialized. Thanks for letting us comment and have a good day.

  • Flor Kaye

    I like this company and this is really very useful not just for busiessmen but also to family that lives apart from each other “Zoom, a startup founded by WebEx and Cisco veterans that wanted to make high quality video conferencing and virtual meetings accessible to everyone”, I like how they improve this thing and I have been longing to test this one because a high quality conferencing is really nice to the eye and surely will have a peace of mind.

  • Dhooog

    I think this is a good news for everyone “today announced a new $6 million Series A round of funding, supplied by Qualcomm Ventures, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, WebEx founder Subrah Iyar and former Cisco SVP and General Counsel Dan Scheinman.”, it’s good that they really put big investment of it because I really want to experience a very high definition experience in the conferencing tool.

  • Bark

    Such a cool way to improve and improve the current technology of chatting and related other things on it. I am a skype user and I wonder if this is one of the things that might get affected to it. I may be literal or I may be not by the eyes of everyone because I really don’t know if you mean conference , do you mean also in actual call or video call? I guess I will wait for an answer to this.

  • Winfre

    WebEx and Cisco really did well on their Zoom company and it’s a big investment, yeah it is really a big investment since a lot of money is involve and lot of sponsors are involve. I like their business since I think it has potential to grow into a much larger targets since it is a well known type of application that some of the people used in chatting or watching videos in their friends or love ones.

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