Alan Jones and the Maybach: celebrating Albert Park’s 60th

Alan Jones and the Maybach: celebrating Albert Park’s 60th.

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4 responses to “Alan Jones and the Maybach: celebrating Albert Park’s 60th

  • Vermoda

    Maybach is one of the best luxurious manufacturers of cars around the world and ofcourse it’s one of the most expensive car manufacturers. I like the Maybach not only because of the price that is pasted to their tags but the designs are really cool. Anyway so much for that I have heard that celebration of the birthday also and I think it was really fun and lots of racers are there, so much and so great.

  • Deim Jan

    I think it’s a nice and cool celebration. Anyway racing is really a very enjoyable sport even if the players does not racing each other but when players are come to visit each other when one has a celebration to make and I think that is not just a good part of being a racer but also a good thing of being a man. The reason behind every racers that are successful is their attitude and their hearts not just on racers but to also to their co racers and the people that love them.

  • Dhooog

    Wooh! Racing makes a lot of fun in every activities and occasions ike this one. I wonder what the other people feel seeing such great men see each other and I think it is really a beautiful and wonderful view. I have been longing to see such great racers but of course I know it is not easy since even in watching on personal racing, I can’t watch because the payment is expensive.

  • Romando

    That’s a good celebration in the park and many really did join and witness the celebration for sure. I have been into Australia before and many really love the sport and even me I like the sport. I even want once to join in a team but I don’t know how to join and some of my friends also won’t compete into a higher level, so we decided not to really join on the much higher level.

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