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  • Fermondo

    I appreciate this article “The Rise Of The Mobile-Social-Vertical Marketplace”, it’s good that our modern world now is having a social media things and websites and stuffs. I like using social media websites but I am not a businessman of course but I like the functions and the features of social media websites. I have smart phone so it’s okay to me and really okay that this is happening now. I mean the social media features for mobiles.

  • Vick Yang

    Yeah! Even me I am using mobile to surf on the internet and some of my friends too and I guess it is really rising now because many are using it and there are many cellphones now that are smartphones or what do you call it, it can easily use wifi and have an access then to internet and then surf the net by just using it and surfing like how laptop or a personal computer can surf the internet.

  • Grey Luke

    2013 is the year for mobile phones because for me in my opinion, there are nowadays a lot of users of phones that can access into internet and they seldom use their laptop and personal computers because of that and so many investors and businessmen will really make a move into mobile phones and investing their money into mobile phone business and I think it is really a correct way.

  • Dende

    Surfing the internet, watching videos in youtube, visiting friends in a social media website, chatting with friends, are just things that most of the people nowadays do and that things can be done in a mobile experience, so imagine how this things make a big impact in advertising and marketing. Business will surely be move with this because this is a big thing that must not be just taken for granted.

  • Navy

    Great article! Your points about curating experiences within niche marketplaces are timely. There is a pent up demand for that environment now that devices are more simple and friendly. Specific niches will continue to flourish and in the Collaborative Consumption space we have seen more than 50 unique verticals emerge – it remains to be seen which of those verticals will collapse into each other over time but the point remains the same. These businesses are disruptive and the industries they are threatening will never be the same again – which can only be a good thing.

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