Q4 Showed Facebook Will Survive Mobile Because It’s An Ads Scalpel, Not A Shotgun

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  • Gland

    I like the advantage of facebook through mobile and this also they really put planned on this “On the web, there’s plenty of room to throw a scattershot of ads at people and hope one resonates.”, it’s hard to take social media website into a browsing mobile but the facebook made it possible and really efficient though not really 100 percent but it is cool and I really like it,

  • Anton

    Definitely, that is my perspective too, I know facebook will really survive in the world of mobile and I can also see the progress of facebook in their mobile settings and honestly I like surfing the net and using facebook in my mobile because it’s very handy and really portable and you can use it very fast.

  • Clariza

    Facebook is a very well known website and there is no doubt that it can’t take their capabilities in making their people or followers enjoyed in every features in converting it into mobile. Mobile is now also one of the common people used when going to internet or checking emails and et cetera. I think I will go for facebook with this, even myself I am using facebook in my smart phone sometimes.

  • Gemma

    So the ace and the key of facebook in always winning the hearts of the people and making a great progress and development in taking social network into mobile is its program, facebook knows some of our basic informations because we log into facebook with our basic informations in it so that is the main idea.

  • Gelan

    It shows really the thing that will happen and it shows us clearly that facebook will still stand out even though they have many competitors and it is because of their strategy and the plans that really they planned well. I am using facebook for many years and what I like about facebook is their flexibility.

  • balij2010

    Investors are definitely over reacting to the situation. Everyone was looking for the Mobile Revenues and when Facebook came up with good numbers and indicate that the future of Mobile Revenues is also looking very good then in reaction to that shares drop. I know the Profit margins fell but Investor’s need to understand that Facebook is investing in it, so for short term it may decrease profit margins but for long term it is looking very impressive, big thumbs up for Facebook.

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