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  • Patricio

    Twitter became one of the visited social media website last year and this year and I guess by that they really have their sponsors and they have so many advertisements due to the amount of people that is registered to their website and that is the purpose on why websites should have many people that will use it. I guess it’s a good interview and many really did watch about it because it’s some kind of educational in some way.

  • Verlan

    I like the insight of this man Anamitra Banerji “And as the first product manager at Twitter and the company’s lead on advertising products, Banerji had some insights”, he is really very good in planning and has a genius mind towards business and social media businesses which leads to the successful rising of twitter and it’s an amazing thing.

  • Mary Grace

    As what I have observed in my small community and group of friends and some of my classmates and schoolmates, they are using twitter to express their minds and emotions in a social way. I think the strategy on promoting its own social media website is really effective and it’s excellent in a way that it can really make people get addicted to it.

  • Centrifugal Jay

    This is a very interesting about Anamitra Banerji and his achievement of his life and his career. I have known twitter for a long time but I did not that he was one of the people behind the success and development twitter. I think he deserves the new rank and the promotion since you can really his work and also you can really see that he is really intelligent just by observing how he answers the questions.

  • joel richer

    Anamitra Banerji really made a big and huge effort in twitter and he is one of the people in the social media website that makes it popular and really did an excellent job. Many in Asia and not just Asia but also to some other continents in the world are using in twitter or we may call them as followers and to conclude it simply, many loves twitter.

  • Fort Mirage

    It’s good that you have an interview with Anamitra “For this week’s Ask A VC episode, we sat down with Foundation Capital’s newest partner Anamitra Banerji”, Anamitra Banerji is a genius and he really is, making twitter to just what it is now is just remarkable and outstanding and he deserves a promotion.

  • Michael Jamon

    Twitter now is fastly growing and expanding so fast and by that they gain many advertisements and I think that the above article explains why they are growing faster now. I am not much of a twitter fan but still I can understand why many people like them and including my friends. I am not so familiar with the hashtags but so far that is the most famous that they have that my friends are using. Even some social media websites are also being inspired by it.

  • Maricel

    Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as ‘tweets’. The origin of twitter lie in a ‘daylong brainstorming session’ held by board members of the podcasting company Odeo. Twitter has become internationally identifiable by its signature

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