Scalabroni and the Coanda effect

Scalabroni and the Coanda effect.

Another highly informative post from F1’s Peter Windsor, this time in the form of a guest video from a prominent aerodynamicist  To learn more about Granger Whitelaw and his love of racing, please see his main blog.

Here’s a snippet of Peter’s article, click the link at the top to read the complete article.


Granger Whitelaw


About Granger Whitelaw

Granger Whitelaw founded the Rocket Racing League along with partner, Peter Diamandis in 2005. See more information at and View all posts by Granger Whitelaw

4 responses to “Scalabroni and the Coanda effect

  • Red Force

    I would like to Peter Windsor and to you for posting this kind of blog. Peter Windsor is really a genius and I like how he use video in sharing his thoughts and ideas to us and it’s just it is simply amazing. Many people love the man and you can really understand because we are also one of those people and yeah! It is really totally worth it watching the video.

  • jana

    This is all about aerodynamics and many studies this one and for me this is one of the things that I really learned because I read and watched the video, very simple and very informative and its very good in just normal people like me. I think it is really important for not just racers but also to racing people to know just like this stuff and how cars and other things that involves in aerodynamics works.

  • Janela

    I like the guest video and I appreciate it. Formula One racing is indeed a lovable and very exciting game. Some people call it a race but I call it a game because it is fun , I know it is important to get the first place when you are a racer but forget it , just do what you can to be happy and to feel fun. I really want to experience having a race with my idols and if that happen I will really do my best ha ha lol.

  • Oh Dy

    Wow! It’s nice to hear that, before you were writing about your passion in racing, some information regarding about business and other things. But now, amazing! Someone is writing now about you! You’re famous now Granger Whitelaw! I’m happy for you, I hope I could meet you soon, I really love your articles. Keep up the good work! And more post or article to come.

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