Corporate Branding, will they remember you?

Corporate Branding – Will they remember you?

Corporate Branding – Will they remember you?

By: Tyson Fenech

In today’s market selling quantity seems to be the rule of the day. Slap together something quick and don’t worry about what flies out the door, it doesn’t even matter who the purchasers are.

Companies who focus on branding will stand out amongst the crowd. Why? They have recognized that most buyers’ especially online buyers need confidence in doing business with an established entity. Nothing shows your commitment to your business like a well developed branding strategy. Having a great logo is the first major step towards cultivating this development. Sure there are plenty of “out-of-the-box” logo solutions and the prices are more than appealing to a business that doesn’t recognize the value of their corporate image.

The Difference

Why should you spend more than $300 on a logo? Would you buy a car for $1000? Chances are if you do you’ll be paying a lot more for maintenance and the headaches it will bring. You always get what you pay for. This can’t be stressed enough. If you are willing to sabotage your business from the very beginning by neglecting the image you portray to your potential clients, that logo will be costing you a lot more than you’re willing to invest. A professional Graphic Designer will invest a lot of time, researching to produce a logo that is truly unique (vital to branding and making your mark) and introduce you to a solid first step in Branding your company as a powerful entity. A logo is further enhanced by the elements built around it. With everything related to design, everything should be custom made, now more so than ever because the competition for capital is increasing. You have to be better than your competitors in as many ways possible.

For the young start-up company, budgets may disallow you the option of working with a professional designer. There are plenty of great designers out there that won’t gouge your pocket book but be certain that they are capable of creating exactly what you want and that they have the experience to expand upon the logo design provided. You want someone who is business savvy and has demonstrated their applied knowledge. They must be able to foresee the bigger picture. The success of your business rests on this.

Putting it Together

Generally speaking the more experienced the designer the higher the rates charged. With the experience you will usually get a product that has been developed and refined over time. A veteran Graphic Designer will be designing with the big picture in mind taking your investment dollars further. The numbers quoted are relative to what they generate, a client will be happy to invest money when they see return. If the image developed for them attracts customers price becomes secondary. Recognize the value of your image and take your logo very seriously. As human beings we are visual.

For the long haul

Generally a business that has quality services to offer and takes their image seriously will understand the value of investing in professional design. Most successful businesses know how much they must devote to marketing in order to generate the sales they desire. Those marketing dollars will be more effective if your Branding approach was cultivated properly. If you take your business seriously chances are you’ll attract the same. How do you want to be viewed?

A Bit about the Logo

For the most part focus was placed on the business mentality rather than the logo itself. There are different types of logos. Many large corporations utilize strictly text or abbreviations. Companies like DELL, IBM, RCA, ABB, etc. Text logos are very popular and are easily integrated across the Branding board. Iconic treatments are also utilized by many businesses. An icon can be very powerful in identifying a company. Take Apple or Nike for example. Using imagery is a very powerful strategy in branding. Symbols guide us in our lives and daily activities. Icons can be very simple and clean to more complex utilizing gradients and simulated 3D. Illustrative (beyond iconic) is less frequently used but can work effectively for companies that usually want to portray a timelessness or “natural” homey feeling typically found on a bottle of tomato sauce or organic potato chips.

Everything outlined above can dictate the price of your logo. The logo is a powerful aspect of your company. It should take time to create and will require much attention if it is to create a powerful Branding strategy. Be sure that the logo designer of choice is willing to provide you with mock ups and multiple revisions and is willing to help take your company to the next level.

Author Bio
Tyson Fenech is the Creative Director for Core Creative Concepts. Designing web sites and print materials for the past 7 years helping both small startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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7 responses to “Corporate Branding, will they remember you?

  • Business

    Before we start it’s very important that you realize one thing: You have to be brutally honest with yourself. Or rather, with your brand. You will probably read through these 4 points and think: “Yes, I’m actually doing all those things so I should be fine.” Sometimes you need to ask suggestions from others, to apply their reasoning, honestly and all of a sudden the cracks start to appear. In order to get the most of these Always look at your brand or business from an outside perspective. Pretend you are a potential customer and you’re looking for a particular product or service that your company happens to offer. The big question is: Compared to your competitors, would you buy from you or from them?

  • CJ

    I am an accounting student under our college , college of business and administration and I would like to say this is really educational and helpful for us students and because of this many will learn great strategy in staying in business and making a business and also doing good strategy under company branding.

  • Chamsey

    With this article and information plug in it, we can easily say that mr. Tyson Fenech is a professional specially when it comes to Core Creation and Designs. Thank you for this article. Young businesses and firms will sure have a great relief if they will able to read this. This is very informative.

  • Rollet

    I see the point in here “Nothing shows your commitment to your business like a well developed branding strategy. Having a great logo is the first major step towards cultivating this development. “, it is indeed important because as what I have observed from my friends they are more confident and more comfortable in buying items that has brand and a brand that is totally good and famous already. I think it really has a point since it is more comfortable trusting brands that are been tested already by you and some people.

  • Blademore

    Yes and truly I have seen this happening on nike “Symbols guide us in our lives and daily activities. Icons can be very simple and clean to more complex utilizing gradients and simulated 3D”. I am not much of a fan of nike brand but they are really something, when my friends saw a person a having an original nike shoes they are immediately concluding that the person is kind of a rich man (not literally rich but you know what I mean). I don’t have original shoes from nike but I know what impact they can give to the people.

  • Horn

    Of course it will surely remember and maybe bring a trademark in your company. Corporate branding is a pro to me since I agree that it can bring goodness into its company. I like this line “Text logos are very popular and are easily integrated across the Branding board”, text logos can be a good idea in any business since it is easy and it is simply understandable and also adorable to some people as long as you make a good design out of texts.

  • Gella

    Corporate branding – at first glance these two words may seem of average importance, but the truth is they are far more than that. You see corporate branding means everything to your company – It is how your company is recognized from the colors you choose to your logo to the layout of your office or store, and that includes your e-commerce website.

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