Create a Powerful Vision

Create A Powerful Vision

Create A Powerful Vision

In the Client Abundance coaching programs, we work on implementing several strategies that are designed to PULL your business forward, almost effortlessly. One of those strategies is creating a powerful vision for your business. My private clients have found this exercise to be both motivating and inspiring, and I’m certain you will too.

Once a year, I take a short retreat to work on revising my vision for my business (and my life). This is an annual break I take away from my business (but with my family, although some of my clients prefer to go it alone, which is perfectly fine) to really think about and decide what I want the next 1 to 3 years to look like. I write my vision and I create a whole bunch of goals for my business. I also use this time to talk with my husband about my vision and goals. He is a great sounding board for all the ideas I come up with… and we usually have this conversation while hanging out on the beach… 🙂

Being near the water definitely has some powerfully positive effects on my brain, and I always come away from this retreat with a renewed sense of energy and passion for my work. (Here I am on last year’s retreat in the Turks and Caicos.)

Creating a powerful vision is your first step on your path to achieving your own business success. Knowing where you are going will make the journey that much easier and faster, as well as simply more enjoyable. So, let’s get started…

Step 1: Book your retreat
Book a 2-3 day retreat so that you can work intensively on your detailed 1 to 3 year vision. Get a very clear picture of where you intend to be 3 years from now. Book the time to do this. Make the commitment.

I have booked the following dates for my vision retreat:________________.

Step 2: While on your retreat, answer the following questions:
What do you want your life to look like in 3 years?
What is your inspiring and compelling vision for the future?
For your business? For your personal life?

The truth is: You CAN design the perfect life and you CAN design the perfect business. How does it sound to you to be earning 6-figures a year, working 40 weeks a year, 3-4 days a week? Inviting? This is not a dream – it is achievable. It won’t happen overnight, but – with some planning and hard work – it can be a reality sooner than you think.

So, the ultimate question is: “If we were meeting here in 3 years time, and looking back over the previous 36 months, what would have to have happened to you both personally and professionally for you to be satisfied with your progress?”

A few notes:

You don’t have to go (far) away to go on your retreat. Go wherever you feel most creative and inspired, and where you are least likely to be interrupted.

Some people think and write better in silence, while others think and write better when there is a lot going on around them. Choose whatever works for you.

Before you begin to write, close your eyes and really see in your mind’s eye how you want your entire life to be. For example, see your dream home. Is it a large home or something more cozy? Do you live on the ocean or near the mountains? Or are you in a fantastic apartment in the middle of NYC? Write about it in detail – and don’t hold back! Do the same for your business: Do you want a waiting list of clients? Or do you want to stop working one-on-one and move to working with groups only? Do you want to implement at least three new streams of income? Do you want to write your first print book? Do this for all the other parts of your life as well – for the tangible things (like your home, your car, your vacations, etc.) to the intangible (like who you want in your life, how you will give back, etc.).

Get the picture? Once you have written your vision, I promise you’ll be really excited and motivated towards making that vision your reality!

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15 responses to “Create a Powerful Vision

  • Eteal

    Even in small businesses this is applicable “Creating a powerful vision is your first step on your path to achieving your own business success”, and behind every successful countries is this one, they set their goals, mission and vision for their country that is why ahead of time they have plans that will really play a big part of the role in making their country progress and further develop.

  • Carbon

    I also find this one inspiring and interesting and I mean visiting once a year, to take a short retreat to work on revising your vision for your business (and my life) is kind of a good activity and to have it on a retreat is a good idea to me. I will also try doing this one and maybe I will really plan more good things in my life.

  • Brilliant Jean

    A powerful vision will take us to the point of successfulness and a great plan will take us to a point of satisfaction. I always plan my scheduled time everyday because I believed that if I planned it well I can move to whenever I want and I can’t be interrupted with not planned things or happenings.

  • Blash

    Such a nice and sweet advice by saying that before you begin to write, close your eyes and really see in your mind’s eye how you want your entire life to be. I really always imagine what I want to be because just like all of you I have dreams too and if we have dreams we always dream it and imagine it as if it already happened and we think what if it will really happen someday.

  • Christy

    A powerful vision is a powerful help in making goals happen or successful. I always visualize my goals and sometimes it can’t be denied that some plans won’t work that is why visualizing clearly and slowly the plans is recommended and also using a powerful vision is helpful. Thanks for posting this article to us and I would like also to say good job.

  • Johnny

    creating a powerful vision and setting a goal is almost the same but really not equally or perfectly the same though they are related to each other. Creating a powerful vision is also good way for making our goals light to their brightest , so that we won’t have a dark road in taking the journey into our goal.

  • Arlanda

    I like these 3 questions on developing your goals or creating a good vision

    What do you want your life to look like in 3 years?
    What is your inspiring and compelling vision for the future?
    For your business? For your personal life?

    I think it will really help since it can give you a good perspective on how to aim your target and also it will make you realize how to achieve some things.

  • Selena

    Wow! If this will happen to me “You CAN design the perfect life and you CAN design the perfect business. How does it sound to you to be earning 6-figures a year, working 40 weeks a year, 3-4 days a week?”, it would be so awesome and I would be so lucky. I know it also involves a great effort at the same time to have this kind of achievement, I remember my teacher told us that in any thing there is always a trade of and I think it is true because I can see it from some things around us.

  • Sunny Jun

    Having a powerful vision is also having a good focus on the goal. It has been said that setting a goal is very important and even have many factors why it is so important and just like setting goal, creating a powerful vision is also important because visualizing how you will finish your goal or make your goal successful gives you a good percentage in making it possible. I am not very expert but as what I can see and read from the above article, I find the pointers very much helpful.

  • Nancy

    Creating a powerful vision is just like setting a goal also because “Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.”. I have dreams also just like all of you here and you know it is not easy to achieve our goals and logically our goals are just those things that we can’t get easily and that is why we set it as goals. I believe on this article and I think this is truly good.

  • Luffy

    Having a wild imagination can create something extraordinary, it means if you create a powerful vision then you will succeed in the near future. Moving to a new go-to-another life, you need to have a change version. This is a picture for people of what the organization will look like after they have made significant changes, and it also shows them the opportunities they can take advantage of once they do that.

  • Sesian

    The more you think of it with a plan, the more it will happen and it has a more chance in happening and make it successful. Creating a powerful vision is one of the best things and one of the best actions that we will use to make our goal successful. I am not much of an expert and I am not old yet but I surely tell you that no doubt, as long as we plan clearly our goal then it is more possible in making it possible. I am glad to pass by on this article and glad to see many comments are positive to it. What a nice day.

  • Dream

    By creating a vision, you can reach for beyond your material existence, get out of your comfort zone, and imaginatively extend yourself beyond what previously seemed possible. By going deeper, and understanding yourself better, you create a better balance. The heart and soul are enhanced and you then become more focused on the positive,

  • White

    Organizations with a strong inspiring vision of who they want to become have higher levels of performance than purely goal-based organizations. A powerful vision statement clarifies management’s aspirations. It sets broad direction and inspires people to go beyond the norm. A strong vision paints a compelling and inspirational picture of where the organization will be at some future date, indicating how the organization will be significantly different from today’s picture.

  • Xyber

    You really have here a good and strong foundation of your vision and you have a good strategy. I did not think having a retreat would help me find my plans on getting my goal through vision. Of course we all have vision and in times we tend to always follow and do things according to our visions. I want to try a retreat for one week so that it will also be a long vacation and rest for myself. I understand that just like inhaling and exhaling helps us relax our body, also the retreat and long vacation will give us good rest.

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