About Granger Whitelaw

A serial entrepreneur, Granger Whitelaw has four patents registered in his name. The inventions are related to his Rocket Racing League venture, in which rocket-powered aircraft race in pairs in the air, similar to the model of motorsports racing. As the co-founder and former CEO of the Rocket Racing League, Mr. Whitelaw eagerly awaits the 2011 debut of the racing circuit. Formerly a manager in the software, venture capital and consulting firms of EOCNET.com, CoreCommerce, and BlueCar Partners, Mr. Whitelaw also devotes his energy to Social Media 1234, a public relations and marketing firm that advises businesses in the best use of new technologies and traditional methods for branding, networking, and sales expansion. In addition, he also looks forward to the widespread distribution of another investment, Imedicor, a software program that provides more advanced technologies for medical records processing.

Granger Whitelaw demonstrates the same high energy in his private life as he does in his many of his business ventures. He enjoys scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, boating, flying, golfing, hunting, and other forms of recreation. In addition, Mr. Whitelaw likes reading books, including Atlas Shrugged. Known as “Rambler” to his friends, Granger Whitelaw has lived in the Midwest, the West, the East, and the coastal South. He fondly refers to New York City as his hometown, which he finds vibrant and exciting. He currently spends much of his time at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Whitelaw and his family attend services at Christ Fellowship Church and is active as a regular usher.

A committed philanthropist, Granger Whitelaw also maintains involvement in many charitable endeavors. He provided financial support for the creation of the Amber Alert Portal that assists law enforcement, families, and the general community in solving child abduction cases. Granger Whitelaw has also supported programs for individuals without homes and the Mill Neck Manor school for the deaf. You can learn more about Mr. Whitelaw at grangerwhitelaw.brandyourself.com and at his personal blog www.grangerwhitelaw.com/blog


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